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Computer Science

Janice Elliott

Computer is taught every other Tuesday for Kinder through 8th grade. This is to help familiarize the younger students with the basic skills of keyboarding, navigating educational sites and working with educational programs like Reader Rabbit to help develop reading and math skills.
The Internet has revolutionized world communications and we feel it is our responsibility to present this broadcasting system to our students in a Godly manner. It is essential that our students are aware of its potential and Biblical principles that pertain to its use. It is a tool which will allow our students access to , under the direction of and in the presence of a MLCS teacher, thousands of libraries, databases, museums, colleges, and universities, news, NASA, research institutions and other repositories of information.  Research is a very important tool at MLCS and we encourage each student to obtain information from the library, encyclopedias, textbooks and the internet.  It is our goal in providing this service to promote educational excellence by facilitating resources sharing, innovation and communication.