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Athletics / P.E.

Donnie Wright – Athletic Director

Mother Lode Christian School is part of Tuolumne Counties public school sports program which allows our students grades 6-8 to participate in the following sports:

Cross Country – Boys and Girls Basketball – Girls Volleyball – Track – Boys Wrestling

This allows many of our students an opportunity to challenge themselves with competition to build character and self-esteem. The coaches for each of these sports are devoted to positive and encouraging behavior, which assists the building of respect and responsibility.

In P.E. the children from kindergarten through 8th grade learn the importance of stretching before starting any physical activities.

“Whatever you do, do your work heartily for the Lord, rather than for men.” Col. 3:23

The different activities taught Kindergarten through 3rd grade include:
Tag, Aerobics, Soccer, Relays, Capture the Flag, Kickball Basketball and Direction Skills

The different activities taught 4th through 8th grade include:
Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Aerobics, Capture the Flag, and more!


All students are required to wear comfortable clothing on P.E. days; (Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday)
* Students may change before class starts
* Lace up shoes are required….NO sandals, heels, hard soled shoes or boots
* Shorts must meet school policy!


Student P.E. grades are based on a 10 point system. Each student begins with 10 points per class period. Points will be lost in the following five areas:


· Grades are based on the student’s effort observed throughout the quarter
Students are expected to participate daily with a positive and encouraging attitude in class


· Grades are based on observed skill acquisitions, practice and application


(6th, 7th and 8th grade students will have uniforms and can change before and after class)

· All K- 8th grade students are expected to wear appropriate athletic clothing on P.E. days
· Lace up shoes are required….NO sandals, heels, hard soled shoes or boots
· Lack of being properly dressed and ready for class will result in a 0% for their class preparation grade

*Students will have an opportunity to makeup points lost on Tuesday’s, Wednesday’s and Thursday’s at lunch recess when Coach Wright is present. Each lunch recess can make up a maximum of 5 points.

We can always use balls, air pumps, and any P.E. equipment to help with activities!

Athletics/Sports Fee

All Elementary Sports:………………..   $40.00
All Junior High Sports:……………….   $40.00
PE Uniforms (Set)……………………  $25.00
Extra T-Shirts……………………$10 each
Extra pair of Shorts……………………$15 each
(girls and boys shorts are now  available)

Note: Athletic fees must be paid before your child can participate in any sport.