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Mother Lode Christian School is an educational ministry which impacts more than 100 students daily! Our mission is “To work together with the home and church to provide a Christ-centered spiritual, academic, and physical foundation in a nurturing environment to produce citizens who will be a transforming influence in their world.”
Mother Lode Christian School seeks to support the mission by focusing on admissions, fundraising, publications, and school events. Our greatest desire is to find individuals who LOVE the ministry of Grace and desire to partner with us in fulfilling our mission!

The Partnership of Time

Time is our most valuable resource – it is nonrenewable! Throughout my life I have come to understand that personal impact takes time. When partners give of their time, impact happens! Hundreds of parent volunteers organize and staff fundraising events, work in classrooms, share their time in service and prayer—without the support of such partners, Mother Lode Christian School could not be the place of excellence in Christ-centered education that it is today. When you volunteer at Mother Lode Christian School, you are making an impact on lives as well as giving us an incredible, priceless gift!
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The Partnership of Talent

We are blessed to have professionals from many different career fields represented in our Mother Lode Christian School family and associations. Over the years, we have partnered with these professionals by having them speak in a class, offer internships, or come alongside the school in offering their services and financial resources in making Mother Lode Christian School a place of excellence.
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Most people do not realize how many students at Mother Lode Christian School need financial assistance. We seek to keep tuition low, about $3000 less than what it actually costs to educate a child, in order to keep as many mission appropriate families in Mother Lode Christian School as possible. This happens through the many and varied sacrificial gifts from our school families, students, alumni, grandparents, community businesses, and friends of Mother Lode Christian School. This financial assistance is essential for this nonprofit ministry to provide excellence and support.
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If you have idea’s that would help us broaden and deepen these partnerships, please contact Shelli Oliver at 209 928 4126 ext. 110 or via email at